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Memorial Competition of Vertical-Speleo Skills called


László Lukács Challenge Cup



In 2002 the "Jan Majku Speleological Club is organizing a Competition of Vertical-Speleo Skills called the László Lukács Challenge Cup.


Aim of the Competition:  A meeting of young vertical-cavers from all over the world to compete in showing their skills in difficult caving  conditions using single rope technique.


Place and Date of the Competition: Certova Diera (-186 m) on Horn vrch in Slovensko kras on 22nd - 25th August 2002.


Official Language of the Competition: English (one member of each team must be able to use basic English expressions and terminology of SRT).


Participation (Registration) Fee: EUR 40,- (paid by bank cheque or during presentation).


Team Composition: Team members may be from any foreign country except the organizing country (Slovakia). A maximum of two 2-person teams (two men, or man and woman) may be entered from each country, except that a third all womens team may be added. Men’s, mixed and women’s teams will be scored in the same manner.


The maximum number of participating teams is 20. The teams of an organizing country may participate if there are not 20 foreign teams registered in the competition.


A team cannot be registered unless they declare that if they win they will organize the next memorial after two years. The declaration must be certified by a national speleological organization or a well-known speleological club which shall take moral responsibility for the next competition.


Terms of Competition:


1. To complete a rope rigged race-course (in daylight) using single rope  technique (about 10 minutes). We will measure the time of climbing and ensure that all safety rules of SRT are being followed.


2. To traverse a cave in the fastest time. The roster of teams will be sent into the cave at 20-minute intervals, according to the time they completed the above-ground rope race-course. If a faster team overtakes a slower team, the slower team will have to give way and allow the faster one to pass.


3. To tie knots, correctly and in the fastest time.


4. To assemble a hauling system correctly and in the fastest time.


5. To perform a „pickoff” of a stranded climber/abseiler, bringing him/her safely to the pitch head/bottom.


6. To complete a humorous task somehow relating to SRT.


Prizes: The first-, second, and third-place winners (winning teams) will be awarded valuable prizes.(EUR 150,- 100,- 50,-).


The best Womens team will be also awarded valuable caving prize (EUR 100,-).


Extra prize awarded by sponsors and the Board of L. Lukács Memorial to a winner: The winning team will be awarded an extra prize of EUR 1.000,- to assist in organizing a similar competition two years later, at a location which can be safely reached, and which is agreed to by the  Board of L. Lukács Memorial.



A team’s registration will be guaranteed if they provide a certified declaration and a bank cheque for EUR 40,- not later than [date of presentation in the camp]. Participants who decide to pay the registration fee just before the competition, can not be assured of participating in the competition. The limited number of teams (20) participating in the competition has been agreed by Board of the Slovak National Nature Preservation in order to be able to assure freedom of movement in the cave and in the open country of the Slovak Karst Reservation.


Contact address: Gustáv Stibrányi, 0400 02 Turna nad Bodvou 328


Tel/Fax: 00421 55 4899101, 4662230, Email:, web:


From January 2002, see:




László Lukács (02.07. 1955  - 28.12. 1982 )


He was popular with his friends under the nickname „Drúz”. He finished his studies in chemical automatation. His speleological career started in a 10-day underground camp in Szemlő-hegyi Cave. In the following years he carried out and led the exploration of a number of caves in Hungary, as well as some in foreign countries.


In 1980 he joined a Polish expedition into Jubileum Schacht (- 1173 m). He also joined a one-week expedition of discovery and mapping of the Hölloch System in Switzerland. He visited all the important caving areas in Hungary and he was fond of joining excursions into caves in the area of former Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. He reached the bottom of Jaskinia Sniezna in Poland with the first succesful Hungarian expedition to this cave.


As a rock-climber he climbed several of the highest peaks in the former Soviet Union and in Mongolia. He also enjoyed exploring the most popular walls in the High Tatras.


He received an international honour as an expert in the field of speleological and climbing techniques. He became a member of the Board of BTSZ and FTSK Applied Exploration and he was also a member of Hungarian Cave Rescue.


He wrote a book „Barlangjárás (Speleological Techniques), published by himself in 1982, and this book remains current.


He died in an avalanche in the High Tatras in the very prime of his life, one month before his son=B4s birth, along with his 16-year old brother Zoltan and an 18-year old girl Timea.