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9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Using 115 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 45 loads. I'd use the heaviest recoil spring available. 38 Super, "major" loads, a lot depends on the specific gun, and compensator. 0g 3N38, 124g frontier, Federal SR. Nov 04, 2015 · Another example for added perspective would be a 9mm 115 grain +P+ load at 1350 FPS. I don't doubt that your Glock 34's longer barrel will produce that velocity. Some folks use 158 grain . 38 Super with moderate bullet weight. 29 Apr 2017 This video shows the Reloading Innovations Spill Stop loading 9mm major with 9. I use Vhita 3N38 for my 147gr XTP for >1200fps. 9 grains max) in Open class have worked the 9mm to its extreme to get Major Power Factor scoring out  15. 5g, and deliver about 1500 fps 96%burned, with pressure at the muzzle about 10,000 psi. A powder for the high velocity loads of the 9mm Luger and the . 2 Red Dot Tite One of my race guns was a Major 9 & about the only powder that would make major power factor was Silhouette. " Now, it doesn't tell me much does it??! 8. love it. Ich bevorzuge jedenfalls N330 und N340. Since then, it 9 mm Major. The 3n38 is a slow burning powder (close to VV N105) so it creates lots of gas that is used by ports/comp. For 9mm "minor" loads, use 320 For 9mm "major" loads, use 350 For . Try heavy loads with 9mm Major . 45, use 310, or, 320. 45 to IDPA power factors, but that can also go more than 100 rounds before requiring major mop-outs. Designed specially for competitive handgun shooting. The 3N38 is a specialized powder designed specifically for competitive handgun shooting with high-velocity loads in the 9mm and 40 S&W cartridges. 45 Auto and even the 9x23 itself. It was soft and ironically, despite being very slow and making a lot of gas, didn't have as much of a flash at night. One used to be able to get IMI's 9mm 158 grain FMJ bullets, but these seem hard to find nowadays. I am interested to see how accuracy in the long term will work out for the 147s. Fifty with 125 grain lead bullets and fifty with 147 grain Gold Dots. 6-inch Lone Wolf barrel in a GLOCK 19. Designed especially for competitive handgun shooting with high-velocity loads in 9mm e Take a look at WSF. Then it hit me, I need to cast 147 gr 9mm slugs and save a bunch of money. Powder Valley’s 12 Days of Christmas promo kicked off Monday, December 11th, 2017. 357" di diametro come qualcuno potrebbe a 3N38, da 9,5 (min. I did get the brother in law's 9mm cases reloaded. level 2 Jan 23, 2018 · Not sure you can make major with a 115---you might run out of case--it's pretty full at my 9. 38 Super. My gun never achieved the 1207fps with the book max load. About . 06. Oct 15, 2012 · Contrary to what some gun writers have said the 147gr 9mm JHP is a very effective round, has been for years, and with today's modern ammo even more so. I do not need to make major in anything. Scroll down to the 147 XTP load with Viht 3N38. 38 Special? #9mm #shooting #open #2011_sti #stiinternational #open #sti #trubor #major #vihtavuori #3N38 #davincimachining #alsaproteam #losbullets #havefun. 25, vihtavuouri 320, vv 3n38 for 9mm 147 lead, vv n320 9mm loads, vv320 powder, vv320 powder load data Oct 18, 2018 · These powders include Accurate No. I threaded the barrel to add a comp I made. 88: 0. In this case, necessity is the mother of compromise. For these reasons, reloaders will be eyeing it as a potential powder for making Major power factor in . For me, Vihtavuori’s 3N38 pistol powder means great reliability, consistency, ease of use and excellent shooting characteristics. The compensator was a simple two chamber with six ports design milled from 7075 aluminum stock. 38 Super Auto; 9 x 21. 9x19mm (9mm Major, 9mm +P). ) a 14,0 (MAX). 500 S&W Magnum. Aug 25, 2016 · Popular powders in supercomp like 3N38, 3N37, AA7, and HS-6 also work excellent in 9 major. pdf), Text File (. 44 Magnum that worked pretty good but there are other "cheaper" powders that do just as well and much cheaper when purchased from a regular source. 22 rimfire cartridges, but has since proven to be very vers Burn Rate ChartBurn Rate Chart v3. 175 OAL load Downside to 3N38 is cost, but given the overall cost of playing in Open, it really doesn't amount to much. VV list a load for a Horned 147 HP at 1,207 fps. 66: 0. For higher velocity loads, and understand I am not after max velocities, I like Blue Dot and AA#7. Also, I tend to avoid . Pretty much N105 is the only powder option you lose going to 9. Open division has compensators, so the slow burning powder is needed for sustained pressure to drive that compensator after the bullet leaves the gun. 38 Super with  13 Oct 2018 Mini Casefeed Assembly (9mm / . Online gun deals. Vihtavuori 3N38 handgun powder is available in 0,5 kg and 2 kg containers and in the USA 1 lbs and 4 lbs containers. L7A1 is a designation of a 9mm NATO cartridge. This is Vhita data and suppose to be Saami load (not+P). 40 S&W cartridges. Ich lade ebenfalls Major Ladunge da ich Open schieße und lade 7 willst was haben (Magnumstyle Ladungen) die du mit der 9mm wohl  12. L. Jul 24, 2014 · Hodgdon's published data for . Shooters World Major Pistol D037. 7, 2400 and Blue Dot with a medium burn rate and a high density, double base formula. Firm on price as I paid more from a reputable supplier on BENOS to get this. 5 PF, the same for the . 9" 15rd Siglite 320C-9 HANDLOADING TIPS for 9mm The following is a compilation of handloading tips for 9x19mm that have been contributed by CZF Members. It fills an important niche for me, hot pistol ammo. Alliant e3 for 12b (7/8, 1 and 9/8oz), 4r ACP, 40 S&W, 9mm minor. “ Reloading tip from our Pros. hdr. Pištolové strelivo v ráži 9mm Luger . Rimless varieties (38 Super Comp) exist which will often run fine in a 38 Super gun. Read more on the 3N38 powder page! It is a poweful 9mm load that allows it to compete in major powerclass with 38 super, 40, 45 etc. Reloading data is available for the following calibers: 7,62 x 25 Tokarev – 9 mm Luger – 9×21 – . micro dot or a full size c-more slide ride is the choice in open. . 41 and . 19 Dec 2017 VihtaVuori 3N38 powder, all sealed, avaialble. That is again IMHO if the 9x19 - as loaded to pressures way too high- fits a 9 Major is a wildcat cartridge using 9mm Luger cases to make Major power factor for IPSC and USPSA competitions. WW-540, da 11,5 (min. The site itself is straightforward enough. 3N38 is a newer powder than your manual. Price per 1000. I'm sure I could get 1600+ if I wanted to :-) For 3N38 I drop down to 10. #N#Sig Sauer P320 Compact FLAG 9mm 3. Sep 18, 2017 · I have loaded 147XTP to 1200fps in my 5" 9mm. 38 SPL, it is regularly used for 9mm, . Once there, scroll down to find the Giveaway of the Day. 30: 0. It even makes Major from my 4. Ustalenie OAL Senior Housing Rehabilitation Keeping Quality Housing Affordable ree housing developments for low-income residents aged 62 or older were in disrepair and in need of major rehabilitation to maintain a_ordability, enhance livability, and make them more energy e_cient. These are slower-burning powders and help keep pressures low when producing the high velocities necessary to make Major power factor required by competition shooters. All the proceeds of this match will be used to treat our hardworking volunteers with disabilities for some fun time in Disney World. )  4 mars 2019 Je recharge actuellement en 9mm avec de la vitha 3N37 (6. Vihtavuori’s load data for the 9X21, which can be used for the 9 mm Luger, shows a maximum load with 3N38 and 115-grain bullets that make Major power factor. You need to comment on that post to be entered. 4 grains of WSF in a 9mm case without overflowing or at least reaching right near the top of the case. 38 Super, this bullet is popular among shooters looking for a heavy SWC in 9mm. I wanted to use Vihtavuori 3N38 for the Gold Dots and it's not listed on any of the Little Dandy rotor charts that I found so I wound up testing one rotor after another to see which would throw an appropriate charge. 30 Carbine Blackhawk is a big pistol. I reloaded some Hornady 115g FMJ using 5. Wenn Du weiterhin das 3N38 präferierst, kann ich Dir nur viel Freude beim Tüfteln wünschen. This is the magical 9mm MAJOR reloading formula that you want to shoot through this firearm  22 Jul 2014 and its burn characteristics are on par with the Vihtavuori 3N38 or Vectan SP2 That burst the bubble of a safe “9 mm Major load” within the  12 May 2015 problematic cartridge used in IPSC competition, 9mm MAJOR along of the N series pistol powders (same with 3N38) that are single-based, . And there it is, right on line for everyone to see: - a published 9mm Major load. 40 S&W and reduced plinking loads for magnums too! Specifications and Features: Fast burn rate; Meters consistently to 0. 3g of V-3N37. 4 grains of HS6. I am licensed to carry 9mm and 40. 357 Magnum in a semi-automatic pistol, as was the 357 SIG cartridge. IPSC Loads Lists These lists have been gathered from a variety of published and unpublished sources, and have been reported as safe in modern firearms of the types used in IPSC competitions. Thanks. 46: 0. 357 Magnum. You can see I start a bit slow to get a  A relatively slow-burning powder, 3N38 is a perfect choice for making Major A powder for the high velocity loads of the 9mm Luger and the . Read more on the 3N38 powder page! Try heavy loads with 9mm Major . It is not for the faint of heart, and is ONLY safe in guns designed to handle 9 Major ammo. I am considering bumping the load up to 8. 95: 1 IPSC, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Competition Shooting and SCCA Slalom Auto Racing Videos . OAL 30. txt : 20120531 0001193125-12-255500. sgml : 20120531 20120531161157 ACCESSION NUMBER: 0001193125-12-255500 CONFORMED SUBMISSION TYPE: 8-K PUBLIC DOCUMENT COUNT: 77 CONFORMED PERIOD OF REPORT: 20120530 ITEM INFORMATION: Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws; Change in Fiscal Year ITEM INFORMATION: Amendments to the Registrant's Code of Ethics, or Waiver of a 3N38 P806 sP2 Pract. 38 Super, or . 21 Apr 2020 Per Vihtavuori's 9mm online loading charts, Vihtavuori 3N38, a very slow The 9mm case is full to the brim just trying to make Major PF for it. Click on each Powder picture to see detailed explainations, video, load data, shot groupings and more! We tested over 30 powders that can be used for 9MM. Jul 28, 2014 · Not from SJC. Its 5. If you don't own a 9mm carbine or plan to shoot 9mm, . This is a discussion on HANDLOADING TIPS for 9mm Part 2 within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; B. I don't load 115gr 9mm but according to Hodgdon, you'll easily make your 1100 fps. 3n38 is the only canister grade powder I know of that list 9mm major loads in the factory data. Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Hi Points, own 9 of them, including a 9 MM Carbine! I did own 10, but I gave one of my C-9's to a Veteran Bud of mine who couldn't afford a handgun-- (He was badly shot up in 'Nam, and has had 21 major operations, poor guy. 38 Super loads. 44 Magnum high-volume revolver cartridges. A relatively slow-burning powder, 3N38 is a perfect choice for making Major with good accuracy and the cleanburning characteristics for which Vihtavuori is renowned. (this is the only load manual i looked at , but i was told that its the only published load for 9mm major. Then, they get slower still: 3N37, 3N38, and N105. It’s a single-based, tubular powder type, and one of our small granule powders (0,6 mm length x 0,6 mm diameter). 38 Super and 9mm Luger indicate that it produces similar velocities and pressures as AutoComp (AC). Originally developed for . 357 caliber revolver bullets in their 9mm. There are a few other powders in the same category as HS-6, but I can't get hold of them on a regular basis. MBF-102385 3N38, handgun R 470. Until now I was singing only the praises of #7, and I still really like it's capability, but Longshot, Blue Dot, and 800X have decided to show up :) Aug 17, 2016 · I shoot a lot of N310 a year. I'd say those numbers are pretty accurate. Over 6. Factory 38 Super is equivalent to 9mm+P+ (Parabellum) at best. May 14, 2018 · As far as recoil expressed by power factor, the Cor-Bon load is 165 PF and would just barely make Major power factor. 155” seat depth at a COL of 1. Mag. If you have specific questions shoot me a PM. 3n38 in 9mm, 3n38 vs n350, 3n38 vv 6 reloading, v-v 3n37 powder, vv 3n37 powder Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Per 50. 8913 VihtaVuori Powder 3N37, Canister à 2kg Item Description: I have 5000 pieces of 9mm brass that has been fully processed (cleaned, sized, sorted) and guaranteed for 9mm Major loads so you know it is pretty pristine brass. 1200 fps 147 gr HP is appealing for its effectiveness. Sep 16, 2016 · With a 7. , 6. I've tried pretty. So I was hoping Rammac or someone can ballpark the kind of pressure I'm going to get with this load i found in the Vihtavouri Data book. 1000 Count The guys that buy custom comped pistols for 9mm Major tend to get barrels with a slower twist like 1 in 16" and shoot 115 & 124 gr. Their starting load, 6. 61: 0. I simply want my comp to do its job. One of the largest online gun stores with the selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammo, optics & firearm accessories CamPro 9mm 124 GR HP Bullets 1000 Box. 13 Please read the note and caution at bottom of the chart ACCURATE RAMSHOT ALLIANT HODGDON IMR WINCHESTER VIHTAVOURI NORMA ADI TUBAL R1 Nitro 100 Nitro 100 NF N - 310 Ba10 Competition Titewad WST AS - 30N Clays Bullseye Zip HP-38 231 N - 312 AP - 50N Solo - 1000 e3 IMR - 700X A - No. Powder Density and Volume The most important property of either blackpowder or smokeless powder is that it also occupies volume in the cartridge case. N105 SUPER MAGNUM We recommend using hard cast load data or start with mid-range jacketed data. Nosler-RG7-2012. Load Data. I used to use it in 38 super to make major but wouldn't bother in a 9mm when you can use half as much powder by going to a faster burn rate like ap50/70 to make minor. 1. 01 - 1# Vihtavuori 3N38 Powder - 4# Powder Valley Daily Giveaway — New Prizes Every Day. A near optimum 7. caliber FAQ Munition & Wiederladen Allgemeiner Hinweis zu den Ladeempfehlungen: Wenn mit den hier angegebenen Laborierung ein Mindestimpuls (DSB) oder Mindestfaktor (BDS) erreicht werden soll, muß die im Wettkampf verwendete Munition aus der entsprechenden Waffe auf die tatsächlich daraus erreichte Geschoßgeschwindigkeit hin überprüft werden, da variable Faktoren, wie TrommelLaufspalt RELOADING GUIDE 2018 - EABCO. N340 for 357 magnum/44 magnum/45winmag/10mm auto . 142 C. 4 08. 9mm compensator load data, 9mm major 9x19 n105 load, 9x23 winchester load data with n105 powder, loads for n105, n105 9mm load data, n105 9mm147g load data, n105 load data, n105 velocity in 9mm 147 grain, quickload accuracy in pistol cartridge's, reloading 9mm data, viht n110, vihtavuori n105 40 super Congratulations to Randy N, of Idaho Falls, ID for being this week's FREE AMMO winner. Originally designed for the . While optimized for . Mainittakoon, että standarddivisioonan pienin sallittu major power factor on 170. 3″ barrel only making 1180fps, which was still good for a 173pf. 9mm Bullets 115 RN Berrys Free Shipping over $25 w/insurance, tracking and no tax added! Comparing Prices? Most of our competitors are adding $7 to $12+ for shipping, plus insurance and some have a handling fee too. for pushing 9mm to major powerfactor check brianenos forums they have spreedsheet of recipes do note the c. 38 Super, 9x23 , 9mm Luger and 9x21 since AC is also popular for this purpose. Piipun sovituksen jälkeen testasin mielenkiinnosta aseen toimintaa kaliiperissa 9x19 mm, luonnollisesti saman kaliiperin lippaalla. 0gr as it's a tiny bit faster. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP or FMJ-RN. of Unique with CCI primers and a cartridge overall length of 1. After trying several different loads and reading lots of reloading manuals for 115 gr round nose FMJ bullets I have settled on a load with 5. Det er veldig finkornet og tar veldig lite plass i hylsen sammenlignet med VV. I've never used 3N38 but have gone through several lbs of Bluedot. Be advised if you are shooting +P or +P+ ammunition to be observant of any signs of excessive pressure like swollen case heads, pierced or flattened primers, or primer material Another major boost to the 9mm’s popularity occurred when the U. I use N320 for . Dabei muss man aber auch wissen, dass eine 9mm Luger für Major völlig über CIP-Druck geladen werden muss. I never ported the 9mm barrel because of this. Shooters World Major Pistol has a similar burn rate to Accurate No. Jul 12, 2012 · 24. 1 grain I'd be willing to try anything that easily loads 9mm and . To enter, you must visit the Powder Valley Facebook Page. take that with 1gr of salt :D ok with a 147gr Rainier bullet, 1. SWC - Sized to . 9mm RN for about 2 years. 02. 2gr) et de la 124 fmj, 3n38 est beaucoup trop lente pour du 9 para, à mon avis , elle est plutôt faite Afin de pousser un 147 grains assez vite pour être en major. 090. Longshot I can get, and it works well for 9mm Major, but it's loud. Notice the theme of the picture is that these are the "slowest/slower burning" Powders that can be used for 9MM efficiently. As of this writing, more than 70 different countries utilize the 9mm NATO in military service, including Russia, which is the first time it has adopted a cartridge that was not specific to the country’s guns. Even the Glock open folks running major 9mm loads are using comps with KKM or lone wolf barrels due to the 9mm Major competition shooters absolutely love 3N38 for their 9mm Major race guns. Vihtavuori 3N38 handgun powder is available in 0,5 kg and 2 kg containers and in the USA  9 Jan 2018 Vihtavuori 3N38 can achieve major power factor in many barrels and remain within, or close to, normal operating pressure limits of the 9mm  27 Jul 2017 Loading 9 Major is challenging because there are few sources for load with 3N38 and 115-grain bullets that make Major power factor. I have some 3n38 that has been proven to be an excellent performer in my bigger rounds but ive yet to test it in 9mm. Mar 06, 2015 · Recoil test 9mm major. You will definitely want a lower weight recoil spring to help with function, but if you don't start loading your own ammo you probably wont get much benefit from the comp. I dont run competition but ive done a lot of testing in my 17l. It even  3 Apr 2020 Not a lot out there on this powder besides 9mm Major and . Kód produktu: T00001249. My point was that I haven't seen any other than Pakistani manufacture available recently. The next reloading data tool on our list is VihtaVuori’s reloading data guide. 30-caliber bore, the cylinder received no such treatment. You'll need a lot of powder to get any decent velocity and it probably won't all burn up. I am not going to say it wasn't fun but it still wasn't nearly as competitive as a properly set up 2011. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation 37. 9 mm Major. My Jack Russell helps me reload Jul 31, 2015 · Heavy cast 9mm bullets are available from several online vendors. 1207 fps for a 147gr Hornady XTP in 9mm with their 3N38 powder for example. 32: 0. He also has inoperable brain tumors, from Agent Orange-- We Veterans tend to take care of our own. Gun is rated for 9mm major, If that makes any difference in the loading. Powders include Alliant, Hodgdon, Winchester, Accurate, Vihtavuori, IMR 3n38 9mm 147, 3n38 load data, 3n38 powder load data, 3n38,9mm major, 9mm major pressure tested, loads for xdm 9mm 5. awesome in 9 minor, 38special targetloads, 45acp minor/major. 3N38 fills the case nearly to the brim when using 115-grain bullets, and is I have a stockpile of 3N38, but am really getting tired of policing my . 3N38 is not easy to find. txt) or read book online for free. 40 Federal brand cases - ESPECIALLY the old ones with the tiny "federal" spelled out; they tend to be weak. It is primarily intended for high-performance handgun cartridges such as the 9 mm “Major”, 9x21, or 38 Super Auto, but is also supposed to be suitable for the . Jan 23, 2018 · Thanks It shoots better than me! What I thought was a good load at 8. 9. That's all I shoot nowadays. Ssusa. 3n38 for 9 major . Heavy, too; while it has a tapered barrel (one of the easiest ways to distinguish it from any other model of the Blackhawk) to save weight due to the small . Feb 20, 2013 · I used Vihtavuori’s published load for 3N38 with 147gr XTPs. 0 gr of Vihta Vuori 3N38. 3N37: Viht must have really dumbed things down, as initial factory data produced 9mm results (155gr @ 922fps, 293 ft lbs). 38-inch overall length, the . 8 is way to violent, and after chronographing the 8. The 3N38 is a popular powder for practical shooting especially among IPSC and USPSA shooters. Power factor is 155. These projectiles are thick plated to allow safe use in magnum loads. 3N38. Using jacketed 147 gr. O. A relatively slow-burning powder, 3N38 is a perfect choice for making Major with good accuracy and the clean-burning characteristics for which Vihtavuori is renowned. 71: 0. 00. Fast Toys Performance sells performance auto parts and competition sh Shooters World Major Pistol Smokeless Powder is formulated for use in a wide variety of handgun cartridge calibers. I understand that loading 9mm major is a pricey undertaking, compared to minor. Try heavy loads with 9mm Major. 145”. 38SC brass, so am looking to get a barrel for 9 major. Randy will receive $50. Most guys seem to really like N105, while others like 3N37, 3N38, or N350. Like you said, Vit 3n37 or 3n38 is similar, but cleaner, I just can't afford to use it in large quantities. The max powder charge (5. HANDLOADING TIPS for 9mm Part 2. Diskusjon og spørsmål om pistollading. 9mm 150 Gr. 40 major . BTW, I have shot Major 124s from a stock Glock 17. 37: 0. blue Dot Swiss Army for 9mm pistol ammunition. 5 gr of N105 powder =1125fps In terms of burn rate it is comparable to powder types such as VIHTAVUORI 3N38, VECTAN SP2 or ALLIANT BLUE DOT. I tried that load and it worked to make major, but didn't shoot nearly as good as my preferred 9 major load with a 124gr RN bullet over much more 3n38 powder. 57: 0. 9mm major (cheaper, and easier to find brass. 38 Super and . 82: 0. 25 and vihtavuori, vihta-vuouri 3n37 9 mm, vihtavuori 3n38 9mm, vihtavuori 3n38 powder, vihtavuori loads for xdm 9mm 5. 43: 0. Sep 01, 2012 · Stage III was the conversion to 9mm Major, which was based on a KKM Precision Glock 35 conversion barrel. It works superbly in my full-power . 45 Auto and . I was noticing on that the published data on the Vihtavouri website and their loads look pretty stout. Will not break apart. You won't get pressure signs with that. I have given credit to individual members when they are directly quoted, but the majority of the text represents the general consensus of several dozen reloaders who also own CZs. It gets over 1200 fps from a 4" and is only about 35 fps slower than a 357 sig load of the same weight. If there is a powder that will keep pressures low/safer and still make the comp effective, that's what I want. of Green Dot on hand for 3/4 oz 20b loads if I ever decide to reload them. 9gr makes 1207 FPS for a 177 PF. 38 Auto +P, . na sklade (>1000) Shining Star Sunday May 24 2020 7 Stage USPSA match with awards. I am currently using Longshot for USPSA major power factor loads in 9mm, I am running 115's right at 1500 with it. Must be safe, if its published in this litigious age. ) a 12,5 (MAX). Like the OP, I load mainly range fodder, and my favorite powder for that is hands down AA#2, although I also use AA#5, and Power Pistol. If you can find a comp shooter who uses it, you should be able to make a fair trade pretty easily. Thus a great fireball. . nella mia Browning Bar II cal. Some common performance parameters are shown in the table below for several . 5mm. Shooters World Clean Shot Smokeless Powder is a very clean burning pistol/shot shell powder. So let’s consider power factor for a moment. Greit i progressive presser. 5-inch barrel, and a 13. 40 S&W). 40 Smith and Mar 24, 2013 · Pretty sure I was using over 10 grains with a 124/125 grain JHP. 3N38 runs soft, flat and clean in my guns. 38 Super IPSC Loads List Compiled By: Jeff Maass, USPSA L-1192 Updated: 23 October 2003 Primers Small rifle primers are used (very nearly) universally for IPSC Major . Do każdego mam opracowaną recepturę która sprawdzała się w temperaturach letnich (czyli 25-30 stopni Celcjusza). Energy is 466 ft/lbs with momentum at . ETA -- These low-velocity match loads produce a lot more soot than full-power defense stuff, for which Bullseye along with most powders are probably cleaner. Make sure data is below 1250fps unless you are using a Thick-Plated bullet that we list a higher max velocity for like the 9mm 124gr HBRN-TP that can be shot to 1500fps in open class guns like a . Yes it can really send the Hornady 147 XTP along at fantastic speeds. Loading for a Caspian pistol built by Benny Hill, on a 650. 1 i maksymalną 8,2 gn OAL: 29,95 mm 1. X-Treme Bullets offers a 165 grain plated RN. 356 bullets Factory competition reloads (Atlanta Arms, Everglade, Precision Delta, etc) in 9mm, 9mm Major, 38 Supercomp Selling other components so check out my listings. I have three 1911's, Kimber Tactical Custom II in . Can send pics but alas, its brass. 38 Super "minor" loads, use 320 For . 62 x 25 pistol load would use 3N38 powder, about 10. z 8 greini 3n38 ali 7,2 N350 pa so hitrosti z namensko 121gre kroglo 1350 fps ali 411m/s kar da zahtevan ipsc fak ki je 160 za major štetje,tako da neki ne štima Prispevki Odgovori Lyhennys osuu vielä kohtaan jossa sitä vähiten kaivattaisiin, eli hylsyn ennestäänkin lyhyeen kaulaan. 38 Super or 10mm Open Major you may not find many uses for 3N38. 00 in FREE AMMO. Nov. Poikkeuksen itselataavien pistoolien kohdalla ovat muodostaneet lähinnä progressiivista ja jäykästi syttyvää ruutia polttavat 9mm Major ja . 0 gr, 124 gr PD JHP, 1. 38 Super -lataukset sekä voimakkaat patruunat kuten . 7, 3N38, N105, Blue Dot, and Lil’Gun. The recoil impulse and being able to run N105 are the real benefits of 38 supercomp. I don't load 115s very often preferring 124s. Dec 19, 2018 · Unlike Hodgdon, Alliant Powder provides reloading data for revolvers, but also only provides reloading data for centerfire rifle and handgun loads. 53: 0. You may be able to find one of those guys who would be willing to trade powders with you. o. See Vihtavuori’s data for the 9X21 in their load manual, which has the same CIP pressure limit as the 9mm Luger. VihtaVuori Reload App. 7 grains Vihtavuori 3N38 powder (6. 356 (Typical) Other sizes available upon request call or email for options. A 147 pushed by a certain charge of Vitavouri 3n38 does it. 50)? 3n38 was developed I think for IPSC (or USPSA) Open division for 9mm major power loads. Intro This is a posting about my very specific reloading plan for my future SIG P210 Target (American) model. CamPro 9mm 124 GR HP projectiles are fully copper plated and designed for shooters who value precision and accuracy. PLEASE don't load that without cross-checking data and working up to it. Those can make Major, too. It's been chronographed at about four major matches in the last six months and each time it's gone between 1510 and 1525fps. 40 "major" loads, use 320 For . S. The start load is 1171 fps. 38/. Jul 15, 2014 · The goal in loading 9mm for action shooting (outside the niche of 9mm major open guns) is to get good accuracy and low felt recoil with a power factor (bullet weight in grains times velocity in fps) of 125,000 plus some margin(for variation in chronos, round to round, and weather). VV 3N38 will make major with them. With that said, one of my favorite pistols to shoot is the 1911 platform chambered in 9mm (the original chambering for the 1911); a simple recoil spring change and the pistol is set up for higher velocity cartridges, such as Cor-Bon 125-grain JHP +P (SD09125/20) at 1250 fps at the muzzle, which places this 9mm cartridge above most . 7gr max) is large enough that you shouldn't be able to double charge it; I don't think you can get 11. I buy my 20b loads, but I do have 8 lbs. That gives you a bunch of safe powders to try to deplicate Buffalo Bore's load. N105 SUPER MAGNUM PREMIUM Lee Auto Disk charge drop weights: Verify all charges! Powder: 0. Buy Vihtavuori 3N38 Pistol Powder 500g from Shooting Sports UK. Several people have made major with AA#7 over the 147. n105 for 38 super . A 160 grain RN version is the most common. I’ve some loaded up with the start load under my 147gr lead bullets but haven’t got out to test them. With a 180 grain JHP the 10mm Lite at a rated 975 FPS gives 175. möglicherweise ist das 3N38 was für IPSC Major Faktor. Keyword-suggest-tool. Using 3n38 in a commander size gun 2008 November e c in S . 45, and two Dan Wessons PM7 and Buy Vihtavuori 3N37 Pistol Powder 500g from Shooting Sports UK. The 9mm cases were good for about 3 firings & the primer pockets were loose & had to be discarded, this gun was an STI, my other race gun was a Para in 40 caliber, both of course were comped. Recoil is very mild, and the muzzle rise is pretty good too. 357, . As to the pressure, it is using 3n38 powder, which according to And there it is, right on line for everyone to see: - a published 9mm Major load. I tried it once already but it would not cycle the pistol with the 9mm major recoil spring in place. 3gr under a 147 gr JHP, makes major power factor (172) at 1171 FPS, max load 6. I don't use that heavy of a charge and I shoot cast 9mm bullets at about 130 grain getting a FPS of about 1,330 from the 995. 7 gns makes major and it doesn’t spill when reloading like 350 does at major. pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File (. We left out Power Pistol, Herco, N340, 3N38 for example. VihtaVuori 3N38 - 4 pound Vihtavuori’s 3N38 powder is designed especially for competitive handgun shooting with high-velocity loads in 9 mm, . s ne st 20 month es rampant, we are o la e th in s sines shortag r or describe bu nd primer a to o y a m mo, powde w m m r a a e its h h th g it o u W o o . R-1 As you can tell I've done some Major 9mm loads but they are tough to do without exceeding pressure levels. 357 Magnum loads. 49: 0. n n k e re’s If you want something a little more spicy, try Vihtavuori 3N38. I am inviting commentary and helpful suggestions and criticisms, as after well over half a century of shooting, I really want to do this particular project as “right” as my accumulated experience and current regulatory and cost environment allow. This one is easy. 3N38 3N38 is another small granule powder. Anyone try loading it in . 34: 0. I will however give you CIP reloading data where there is at least one 9mm major load from a 4" barrel. be anal about checking for split cases or bad headstamps) 2011 all day every day. 2007 oder neuere Ladedaten oder weitere Erfahrungen mit 9mm Major? Pulver gibt es noch immer (SP2, 3N37, 3N38, Accurate No 7, etc. A good match for a good purpose. I ran it with Open Major load (124gr 3N38) until that breach face cracked. ) VV 3N37 in 9mm ? by C. a. This is not loaded ammunition. I used Zero 147gr JHPs in my loading. org Some gunpowders, like 3N38, can make Major power factor and stay within established pressure limits. The Glock can take it. At the range, I tried these loads in Gen 4's G26, A relatively slow-burning powder, 3N38 is a perfect choice for making Major loads with good accuracy and clean-burning characteristics, for which Vihtavuori is renowned. Oct 27, 2017 · A relatively slow-burning powder, 3N38 is a perfect choice for making Major loads with good accuracy and clean-burning characteristics. n110 for 9x25 "3N38: A powder for the high velocity loads of the 9mm Luger and the . was reborn. with high-velocity loads in the 9mm and . Here is mine from back in the day; same basic idea. Sittemmin astui voimaan sääntö, joka kielsi alle 10 mm luotia ampuvat aseet standard-divisioonan major-kaliipereina. ARES 152 gr ARES 152 gr ladedata 9mm By Amsfj, 3N37 vs 3N38 til 9mm major IPSC. The 3N38 is a specialized powder designed specifically for competitive handgun shooting . 40 S & W – . VV lists two loads in . much every powder suitable for Major 9, (and a  Reloading tip from our Pros. This banner text can have markup. I know there's potential, and I'll likely take larger steps to get there. 356 (Typical) Other sizes available upon a modified load data from Vihtavouri using 3n38 make and amazingly accurate load. use once fired or new for big matches. Every gun is different, and you are responsible to use common sense and safe load development techniques in working up to a good load for your own use. Vihtavuori 3N38 can achieve major power factor in many barrels and remain within, or close to, normal operating pressure limits of the 9mm Luger cartridge. 9,3×62 per ottenere il max di potenza contro l’Orso Bruno dei Carpazi (animale pericoloso peso kg. This is about midrange in the Hornady manual. Try heavy loads with 9mm Major; Vihtavuori 3N38 handgun powder is available in 0,5 kg and 2 kg containers and in the USA 1 lbs and 4 lbs containers. 76: 0. military adopted the Berretta M9 (civilian Model 92F) pistol in 1985. My next experiment is with 90GR FMJ HP 380 ACP bullets @ 1500 fps for a steel challenge load. I use a RTS2 optic. SLB-  9mm 150 Gr. In all my conversations with the LE Sales Directors of the major ammunition companies I am told that for those police departments using 9mm, the 147gr is the most shipped by far. It delivers very high velocity for IPSC/USPSA loads and lots of gas for the compensator. internal ballistics you can create an accurate "major" load with some work on a  Nello specifico, la GFL commercializzò il 9x22 Major Fiocchi nei primi anni '90 quelle del 9mm), e non le palle da . Looking for a Load: 9mm 147-grain FMJ That's still my preference, but given powder shortages I'm pressed to find alternatives. I have worked up loads for . 50 Action Express. The headstamp includes a +P, but it does not The 9mm Winchester Magnum, which is also known as the 9×29mm, was developed to duplicate the performance of the . Suppose to be able to get 1200 in a 4" using a Vih 3N38 (listed in their normal loads so assume it may not be a +P?) wxl , Sep 21, 2017 3N38 The 3N38 is a specialized powder designed specifically for competitive handgun shooting with high-velocity loads in the 9mm and . Brennhastighet omtrent som 3N38 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Vihtavuori Reloading Guide 6) reloading data with 160 loads. 9mm Major Pocisk : Limitz 124 gn CUZn10 (miedziowane) - realne wagi 123,7gn - 123,8 gn Proch: VV 3N38 - instrukcja VV pokazuje oal 29,5 pocisk 123 gn i naważkę startową 7. Downside is that it is a FULL case. Vihtavuori says this powder was specially designed for competitive shooting and they recommend it for the 9mm and . 38 Super Auto 9 x 21 Mar 21, 2017 · DPM 1911 Mechanical Recoil Reduction System Arsenal Firearms, AF-1 Strike One 5” Barrel, 9mm & 40S&W, MS-ARS/1 $180 CZ 75 Shadow 2, 9mm, MS-CZ/12 $180 Beretta 92 96 98 F FS G Clone MOdel, 9mm Mar 21, 2017 · DPM 1911 Mechanical Recoil Reduction System Arsenal Firearms, AF-1 Strike One 5” Barrel, 9mm & 40S&W, MS-ARS/1 $180 CZ 75 Shadow 2, 9mm, MS-CZ/12 $180 Beretta 92 96 98 F FS G Clone MOdel, 9mm Feb 28, 2020 · VV 3N38 powder Hornady HAP 125 gr . In my long tube I've made major levels with auto comp, 800x, longshot, power pistol, win 572, hs6 and blue dot. A properly broken-in and sprung 9mm 1911 will shoot any factory ammunition from a tame standard velocity load to +P+ major caliber factory ammunition and reloads. Take a look at WSF. They can make 9MM Major for sure, but since BE86 came out, there is really no point in using them perhaps (Subjective). 350>430)in tiri molto ravvicinati (0> fino a max mt. Clean Shot has a low muzzle flash signature. though. I like Longshot because it is on the shelf everywhere, $125 or so for an 8# can, is reasonably clean and consistent. VV list a load  19 Jul 2006 6. 0 gr. Pretty sure a 9mm case couldn't hold enough of this powder to make major. I have been using the Berry's 115 gr. 3 grains of the 3N38. VihtaVuori Reloading Data. I believe that recoil plays a major role in all of this. 0001193125-12-255500. I have tested this. 17 Remington Fireball; 17 Remington Load Data; 204 Ruger Load Data; 22 Hornet Load Data; 221 Remington Fireball Load Data; 222 Remington Load Data Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Juli 2017 Besser wäre das 3N38, allerdings möchte ich für die paar Patronen keines kaufen. If you are out for velocity, I'd try 3N38. It is well liked in Mexico where it is the most powerful legal caliber. 40 S&W à projectiles lourds. ONLY Trades (nothing else considered, sorry): VV 3N38 powder STV 9mm Luger 8,0g 50/bal. Shooters World Major Pistol powder for 9mm major. True Hirtenberger L7A1 is pretty rare stuff (only 10,000 cases released to the public, and much of that not allowed for import into the US), and the Pakistanis also COUNTERFEITED Hirtenberger L7A1 as well (which is probably what you've seen). 40 S&W. Men jeg ville også anbefale å prøve Vectan SP2 i 9mm (eller 38 super hvis man har det). bullets. Witam Składam od jakiegoś czasu własną amunicję 9mm Major do IPSC open na prochach: Vectan SP2, VV 3n38, Lovex Do37. A relatively slow-burning powder, 3N38 is a perfect choice for making Major loads with good accuracy and clean-burning characteristics, for which Vihtavuori is renowned. 38 Super is still not very popular in the United States. etc. Kan nok nesten slippe komprimerte ladninger. The 3n38 was (originally) meant for ipsc/uspsa open class guns that have hybrid ports and compensators. Dabei habe ich bei N340 mehr Spielraum. Major Pistol is a canister form of Lovex bulk propellant D037-01. 2013: Per favore mi potete consigliire quale è la polvere migliore Vihtavouri ed in quale dose max posso utilizzare per la palla Swift A-Frame 300 grs. Mostly but of course IMHO the key point about 9mm major is that there is little benefit except for lost brass matches in some part because again IMHO the 9mm Major is loaded to fit a full length 1911 magazine same as the . 357/. Imprégnée de nitroglycérine selon un procédé unique en son genre, elle est conçue spécialement pour produire une forte puissance. 40: 0. 38 Super loads, as the cup is harder and resists the hellacious pressures extant. 40 S&W load using the same bullet. Yes, this is from their online reloading data. Hi everyone, I am new to post, but have been reading for awhile. com with high-velocity loads in the 9mm and . 7" 6rd 238-380-NMR. 44 Rem. Hopefully someone here has experience using 3N38 to get major PF in 9mm! Edited January 14, 2014 by Unregistered Jan 13, 2019 · gordfraser - All I am saying is just be careful using a USPSA major load in a factory pistol I know of one competitor in USPSA that is using 3N38 and 147 projectiles and he is using 2011 open pistol with comp (Bedell pistol). Sep 22, 2015 · Glock 17 with LWD threaded barrel, coated 115 grain bullet and 8. 8 from my press they are running 178 to 180 power factor. 6 and Jun 28, 2018 · I 9mm bruker vel de fleste 3n38. Perkins on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:41 pm My favorite 9mm powders of VV N340 and Accurate #5 have been unobtainable and getting very low in my supply. Fearing not being able to make major power factor if I did. With the help of HIT _nancing, housing for these seniors, which is sponsored by Looked at your pictures and realized that 3n38 might not be the best powder for your use. You'll find that ap100 will be too slow for 9mm. Dec 31, 2016 · Re: Powder for 9mm SHTF ammo? « Reply #2 on: January 02, 2017, 01:34:17 AM » Thanks Wade, I haven't tried either of those yet but I was thinking of getting some Autocomp to try as I know a few USPSA open division shooters that use it in their Major 9 loads. What impressed me was the large number of bullet and powder combinations that produced excellent groups. It had a Vanek trigger and ran great with 29 round 170mm magazines. l. Type de poudre : La RS24 est une poudre propulsive extrudée mono perforée, à base de nitrocellulose. 689 lb-seconds and higher than the 147 grain JHP load. Marika Koskinen (FIN), bronze medallist in the Open Ladies Team event in the 2017 Russia Rifle World Shoot, has been using Vihtavuori's 3N38 in her major loads for a long time. bullets 3n38 will easily produce velocities in the 1120-1180 range without even being +P!! Yes, that is 9major at less that 35k psi!! I started casting buckshot and slugs, and had good success. On the same basis the subgun load would take about 14 g of N105, deliver about 1950 fps, 95+% burned and about 10,000 psi at the muzzle. Thank you, Randy, for being a loyal Selway Armory customer! Selway Armory's Featured Penny Auctions! #N#Sig Sauer P238 Nightmare 380ACP 2. Fwiw, my 9mm open gun is proofed at 45K PSI. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP, Speer HP, Lapua FMJ-RN, Rainier RN, Lapua CEPP, Intercast LSWC, Hornady FMJ/FP, Lapua Megashock, Sierra FMJ, Intercast LRN, Hornady HP/XTP. 3n38 9mm major

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